We provide comprehensive account receivable management services in Calgary and across Canada. Canadian Credit Services is dedicated to providing complete accounts receivable management services for small and medium-sized businesses with flexible, cost-effective, risk-free credit and collection services. We have the knowledge, expertise and connections to handle your credit functions with ease. We streamline the entire process, eliminating credit risk and keeping your collection cycle on track. We strive to make sure that your relationships with customers, suppliers and your bank will be much stronger as a result of working with our agency. What's the best part? You don't pay unless your customers pay. This makes your risk virtually disappear and sets us apart as a valuable asset to your company. Call today and speak with us about your needs: 1-403-479-4655

Canadian Credit Services (CCS) provides a wide range of Canadian Commercial Debt Collection Services for all provinces and we offer comprehensive contingency based commercial collection services. CCS specializes in Commercial debt collection and is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. Our expert staff are well experienced in contracts and commercial debt collection. We are very familiar with the inherent debtor excuses, stall tactics and legalities when collecting different industry debts. Our services will help you to streamline your debt collection efforts and use your companies resources towards a proven results-based action plan that will help your business grow. Call us today: 1-403-479-4655

Through a debt consolidation program, Canadian Credit Services can consolidate your customer's debts and provide you with a road map to getting your debts paid back quickly and easily. We take care of everything with your customer to remove the hassle of following up, making calls, sending letters and keeping track of your results. We will review your clients budget to make sure a program is right for them.
Work with them to provide a repayment plan that works for everyone. Inform and educate your clients about budgeting and setting financial goals in order to repair their credit and make sure they can recover. It's our mission to make sure you get results. Call us today to see how we can serve your company: 1-403-479-4655
We use the most up to date tools and resources available to contact your clients that have either moved to a new location or changed their phone number. It's our mission to make sure that constant contact empowers the customer with debt re-payment options and solutions that will provide quick repayment for your company. Again, we make sure that all the legwork is done for you. This is what sets us apart and our seasoned staff are knowledgeable and capable of making sure your company gets results. Call now for a consultation: 1-403-479-4655

Here at Canadian Credit Services, we believe that being able to provide results is paramount in making sure that your debt repayment takes place.  We believe in keeping integrity at our core and our philosophy of service goes above and beyond the standard call to get results. We provide all the re-payment solutions for you and you won't have to worry about providing systems or resources to the debt repayment process. We streamline all communication and legal processes to make sure your company understands where you are throughout the entire process. Third-party collections doesn't have to be complicated and we can prove it. Call us today to learn about how we collect your debts: 1-403-479-4655

Canadian Credit Services values professionalism, integrity and dedication. We believe that our results stem from our values around Customer Service. I'm sure you can imagine that rude, overbearing agencies could potentially threaten your customer relationship and we understand your need to maintain your company's reputation through the entire debt collection process. It's our vision to provide, courteous and professional administration of your accounts receivable program. Let us handle the hard work. Call now to see how we can help you: 1-403-479-4655