Canadian Credit Services is a fully licensed collection agency specializing in third party and commercial debt recovery; we value professionalism, integrity and dedication. Our knowledgeable team of professionals are thoroughly trained to work with your customers to maximize your net return while protecting your reputation and retaining your customer base.

We proudly work with our team to educate and train them to understand our clients business and brand.  Our training programs are designed to ensure our team has the skills to excel and provide exceptional customer service and conflict resolution.

Our office proudly provides skip-tracking services at no additional cost. Our skip tracing department is trained to use tools and software to track down those debtors who have relocated and since chanced their phone numbers. Our tools help us stay up to date with debtor’s new address and phone numbers.

Canadian Service has established relationships which allow us to report delinquent accounts to reporting agencies such as Equifax and TransUnion we proudly provide the listing service at no additional cost. Our collection policy is designed to protect our clients: you don’t pay unless we successfully collect on your portfolio.


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